Saturday, 23 March 2013

I'm related to my best friend.

Very distantly that is. I discovered this a couple of weeks ago.

According to, Lucy is the Great Great Great Niece of the Husband of the Aunt of the Husband of my 1st Cousin Twice Removed.

A little bit complicated right? Haha. Lucy’s family come from the North Coast of New South Wales, while mine come from the Mid North Coast. I always wondered if there was a connection somewhere, and turns out there is!

Who are the ancestors that connect us? Well…

One of my Nanna’s cousins was Amy Grace. Amy married William Bailey. William's Aunt was Sarah Sneesby. Sarah married Francis William Ellem. Francis was the brother of Hercules Ellem…Lucy’s Great Great Grandfather!

William Bailey’s Uncle Henry Sneesby also married Louisa Ellem, Hercules & Francis’ cousin.


Aunt Lizzie Lumsden.

My Great Great Aunt Elizabeth Mackay’s death notice.

Elizabeth Lucilla Mackay (married Clarance Lumsden)
Born: 1905, Bowraville, NSW.
Died: 1996, Macksville, NSW

Published in The Record, 1997.