Sunday, 2 August 2015

Ancestry DNA Results Are In!

My AncestryDNA results have arrived! Before you keep reading, if you haven't seen my video about my reasons for doing the DNA test, I suggest you watch it below.

Here are my DNA results -
DNA Results from Ancestry

DNA Ethnicity Map

I must say I am quite shocked and wasn't expecting most of that. I knew there would be Great Britain, but I thought that would have been the most. Ireland was very very surprising, because my Australian side does not have Irish in it, neither does my Mum's paternal side as far as I've researched. I can only assume that has come from my Mum's maternal side - the biological side I do not know as my Grandma was adopted. As I said in the video, I do know my Grandma's fathers side. I asked my Great Aunt on that side and she confirmed the family was originally from Ireland. I am yet to dive into that part of the family tree though. She e-mailed me the family history information she has and will go through that soon. I guess any other Irish stuff would come from my Grandma's maternal side that I know nothing about.

Europe West and Scandinavia? Where on earth did that come from? That could also potentially be my Grandma's side again? Other than that, so far in my family history research, it doesn't make sense. The European trace regions are surprising too.

My reaction pretty much
One question I do have is how come it doesn't show any US ethnicity? I take it then that this goes deeper to before my ancestors went to the US.

Stay tuned for more posts and videos as I begin to digest and understand this. Just another exciting step in my genealogy adventures :)