Thursday, 31 March 2016


My geneamate J Paul Hawthorne (GeneaSpy), did a little thing last week that went viral on social media in the geneaworld. He created a spreadsheet showing five generations of birth places, but what made it more interesting was that the birth places were color-coded. J Paul was kind enough to share a Dropbox link to his template so we could all do one...and we sure did! Since last Thursday, my news feed on Facebook has been flooded with these pretty charts. You can access J Paul's template by clicking through to his blog post.

I had a lot of fun creating mine! Please note that it includes my maternal Grandmother's adoptive family.

5 Generation Chart of Birth Places (Template courtesy of J Paul Hawthorne)
That's right - I'm a first generation Queenslander!

I decided to use the same template but for death places instead. I think it is neat to look at the two images side by side. It makes it easier to see where people moved to compared to where they were born.

5 Generation Chart of Death Places (Template courtesy of J Paul Hawthorne)
Thank you J Paul, for creating a fun activity and filling our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds with colorful ancestry charts. 

Have you done yours? Don't forget to use #mycolorfulancestry when sharing it on social media.