Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The Gow Siblings: Isabella Gow

Isabella Gow, my Great Great Aunt, was born on April 9, 1859 in Cairn Farm, Muthill, Perthshire, Scotland. She was the third child of William Gow and Jean Drummond (her older siblings being John & Robert). Isabella lived on the family farm until she was 18 and married John Reddoch on January 22, 1878.

Isabella Gow, 1869, Scotland
[Source: Personal Collection]

Isabella & John lived in Kinross at a house called Tullibardine. I forget if John built it for her or if he bought it. I think that information is written down in a letter my Aunt has. I have often searched for information on Tullibardine House such as where it was in Kinross, but have not been able to find anything solid.

Isabella & John had 9 children together -

  1. Jean Drummond Reddoch, born 1879, Govan
  2. John Drummond Gow Reddoch, born 1880, Muthill
  3. William Gow Reddoch, born 1881, Dalginross
  4. Robert William Reddoch, born 1883, Ardoch
  5. Isabella Gow Reddoch, born 1885, Ardoch
  6. Helen Christie Reddoch, born 1887, Ardoch
  7. Charles Gow Reddoch, born 1889, Ardoch
  8. Jessie Gow Reddoch, born 1892, Orwell
  9. James Gow Reddoch, born 1895, Kinross
As you can see, most of the children were given either Gow or Drummond for their middle name. There were two more children, however both were stillborn. 

Isabella died on October 13, 1897 at Tullibardine House at the very young age of 38, as a result of complications during childbirth in which the child was stillborn - the second of the two. I do not know where she is buried, but in some family history information that a distant cousin wrote, apparently the two stillborn children she had are mentioned on her gravestone.

Siblings John & Isabella Gow with Mrs Lawson, 1862.
I have no idea who Mrs Lawson is.
[Source: Personal Collection]