Saturday, 9 November 2013

How I Hack Genealogy Interview.

Every week, Hack Genealogy (run by Thomas MacEntee) features an interview with a genealogist, called ‘How I Hack Genealogy.’

I’ve been reading these interviews for a few months, and they’re always a great insight into what technology other genealogists use.

Who was interviewed this week? Me!

Caitlin Gow: How I Hack Genealogy | Hack Genealogy

I never thought I’d be asked to feature in one. It came as a total surprise when Thomas contacted me back in late September. I actually had a massive assignment due that day, so trying to contain my excitement and focus on my assignment was a challenge, lol. This is another wonderful opportunity the genealogy world has given me! :D Wooo!


  1. Caitie, I was pleased to see (in your 'How I Hack Genealogy' post) that you are already aware of the importance of researching siblings of your direct ancestors. I have used that technique hundreds of times to overcome 'dead ends' in my clients' research (and my own). Vital clues are often in siblings' records in unexpected sources such as mental asylum records, hospital admission registers and Police Gazettes.

    1. Thank you! It was a sibling's census record that led me to solve the 100+ year mystery of my great great Aunt. If I hadn't bothered to look at that sibling's census record I probably wouldn't be any further in the knowledge I had of my great great Aunt before I solved it.