Monday, 16 June 2014

A Milestone: My First Business Cards!

I have just reached a very significant milestone in my life. I am now a super-ridiculously-excited-owner of business cards!

So excited I feel like I'm dancing
on top of the world!
What prompted me to make this decision now?

I had been thinking of getting business cards for a while. Alona tweeted me last year about getting them for my genealogy. So many of you hand them out at conferences and other events, and I have always thought that was really rad. I guess life just got busy and I pushed it to the back of my mental to-do list.

Fast forward to Week 2 of University in March. One of my subjects this semester was Developing Professionally. Essentially, the course was about what happens after we leave Uni, how to find a job and all that scary stuff. Anyway, we had a guest lecturer from the Careers & Employment Service. She was talking about marketing strategies when she said...BUSINESS CARDS! My eyes shot up in an instant. She mentioned how they are a great networking and marketing strategy, and also suggested that we use them as a mini resume so to speak.

At the beginning of this month I started to seriously consider it. My question was though, do I get separate criminology and genealogy business cards or have all the information on the same card? Last week, after discovering that VistaPrint was having a 50% off sale, I ordered them. I was playing around with designs for a couple of hours before I settled on two that I love. Yep, I decided to stick with keeping the two separate. They look much neater, and besides, I highly doubt that that Criminology Professionals would be interested in my genealogy business card (although they should be!).

They arrived tonight and I am so excited! They are very cute! Let me know what you think :)

Ooo yeah! I love them so much!

Genealogy Business Card

Criminology Business Card


  1. Well chosen, very professional!

  2. Wow love the colour! Can't wait to swap cards!

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  4. They look mighty schmick (and professional too).

    1. Thank you all! I'm still very excited about them! :D