Monday, 19 January 2015

Arundel King - 52 Ancestors #2

Week 2's theme for 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks is King. Seeing the theme, I thought it might be a good opportunity to do some more research on someone in my family tree with the surname King - and there aren't too many of them at the moment. I chose Arundel Sidney Arthur King. He is not one of my direct ancestors, but we do share some. Arundel (also spelled as Arundle) was a great grandson of John Gill & Sarah Fielder - my 5x Great Grandparents. Arundel descends from their daughter Dinah (who married John King), whereas my ancestor is their son Silas.

Arundel was born in 1877 in Morpeth, New South Wales. His birth registration on the New South Wales Births Deaths & Marriages Index is recorded as the following...

Birth Registration of Arundel King
[Source: NSW BDM]
I had already known his parents names from his death registration which you can see below - Earl James King & Isabella Jemima Card. When I saw the birth registration I immediately had questions. Why is Earl James King not listed as the father? Why does he have his mother's surname?

Death Registration of Arundel King
[Source: NSW BDM]
I decided to double check Earl & Isabella's marriage which I already had recorded.

Marriage of Earl James King & Isabella Jemima Card
[Source: Australia Marriage Index, 1788-1950;]
Of course! They married in 1878. The year after Arundel was born. That makes a lot more sense now. Why it did not click with me originally I do not know. I also have a copy of Arundel's baptism certificate which states that his father is Earl. Anyway, let's continue with Arundel...

Arundel married Mary Jane Gill in 1907 in Maitland, NSW. Until this week, I did not have Mary's parents listed. However, this intrigued me because a majority people with the surname Gill in the Maitland area at that time are connected to me in someway. That and Arundel's ancestors were also Gill's which I mentioned previously. Our common ancestors John Gill & Sarah Fielder who lived in England had three children who came to New South Wales - my ancestor Silas, Arundel's ancestor Dinah, and William. William and Silas both had over 10 children, so there are A LOT of Gill cousins out there. Hence, I wondered if Arundel and Mary were cousins somehow.

After some researching, I discovered that Mary was the daughter of George Gill and Sarah Andrews who married in 1885 in Maitland. I went through the George Gill's in my family tree to see if I had any that fit the bill. I landed on George Gill (1851 - 1916), and what do you know, I had a note for a possible marriage to Sarah Andrews (1862-1898). Funnily enough, George Gill was a GRANDSON of my 4x Great Grandfather Silas Gill.

I think it is pretty safe to say that Arundel and Mary were cousins. Second Cousins 1x Removed in fact.

Family Tree of Arundel King & Mary Gill

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