Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Grandma's Wedding Scrapbook

My Mum returned from a month's holiday in Texas last week. She had a wonderful time visiting her family who she hadn't seen in a few years. There were two things I requested she bring back - Texas Trash, and stuff from Bath & Body Works (please open a store here!). However, there was one gift from my Uncle that I wasn't expecting - my Grandma's wedding scrapbook. I was over the moon! I still am.

If you have been following me for a while, you might remember that my Grandma passed away before I was born. My Grandma was also how I caught the genealogy bug. Genealogy has become my connection to her - if that makes sense? Until recently, I had only seen a handful of photos of her. I also have letters that she wrote to my Grandfather's parents in the 1960s, a gorgeous pink vase, and a ring. To add my Grandma's wedding scrapbook to the collection is amazing. All of these things I will treasure forever.

Grandma, Nancy Robinson
Born: 3 Dec 1932, Texas, USA
Died: May 1980, New Mexico, USA
[Source: Personal Collection]
Before I move on, here's a link to the letter I wrote her on her birthday last year.

My Grandparents married in Texas on September 14, 1950, so the scrapbook is quite old. My Mum and I need to figure out the best way to preserve it. I plan on doing all the usual things - photographing each page, transcribing all the articles and descriptions, and scanning it. I would love to hear any other suggestions out there.

Here are a few photos I took during my excitement the other day.

A napkin from the reception!

I cannot thank my Uncle enough for passing this down to me! 

Definitely true!


  1. I'm sure your grandmother would be very pleased to know that you treasure her book as it is in good hands.

  2. Lucky you! Hope you find some new FH facts too.

  3. Caitlin, Your Grandmother was a beautiful bride! I wish you could have known her. You did the next best thing by creating a heartfelt connection to the Genealogy Queen.

  4. The scrapbook couldn't be in better hands.

  5. What a great treasure. You asked for suggestions. I always worrying about such treasures disappearing. We are currently searching for a set of letters that we can't find, but we do have photo copies and transcriptions. So, I would suggest, one you transcribe her hand written notes, take another photo of the page with the transcription beside the notes. You also might want to do close ups of some of the details.

  6. And absolutely wonderful gift to treasure and a further emotional connection to your grandmother.

    Why not link this to the August Sepia Saturday? I think it would be an ideal and pertinent post with a different spin.