Sunday, 8 January 2017

Mum's Collection of Badges from the USA

This morning, while thinking about what to do for my next blog post, my Mum brought out her collection of badges. You might remember last year I shared photos of my Great Grandfather's police badges. Well, these are a different kind. I had not seen these before either - where have you been hiding them Mum?! These badges are of a political nature - Presidents, people running for President, and the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). I have decided to show you them because I think they are interesting, and I think it is neat that my Mum has kept them. They are a part of history. My knowledge of American Presidents is not that great, so this was an education lesson for me as well when Mum was explaining who was who. I had not even heard of the Equal Rights Amendment either!

Please keep in mind that these are old badges. Some of the badges belong to my Mum, some were given to her, and some belonged to my Grandma. They do not reflect current politics in any way. As I said before, I just think it is pretty cool that Mum has these, and I will definitely be keeping them for future generations. I don't even have any badges representing Australian Politics/Prime Ministers!

Clinton & Gore 1996
Mario Cuomo, 52nd Governor of
New York State

Bush & Quayle
Dole & Kemp
President Ford
Ford & Dole 1976
Mondale & Ferraro 1984

Nixon & Lodge 1960

Collection of Political Badges

Equal Rights Amendment

Collection of ERA Badges

And finally, Rice University (Houston, Texas). Why does Mum have this badge? She went there! 

All the badges!
Does your family have any badges or other political memorabilia?  


  1. I worked in politics for about 20 years, so I have quite a collection--much like htis one, I have many women's equality buttons, and my oldest badge is a Nixon one that belonged to my parents. I recently pinned them all to a large pillow which sits in the living room as a reminder of a past life.

  2. Very cool!, and great to get them 'recorded'.

  3. Somewhere, I have a Nixon badge, sent to me by my then American penfriend. He was so political, I wasn't at all interested at 13. he was so upset with me saying that, (he was the same age) that he said he would never write to me again. He didn't either, after three years of at least a letter a month. :-)