Sunday, 11 October 2015

Raising Money for World Hunger

If you read my recent post about receiving a delightful family history package in the mail the other day, this is another gem that was part of it.

Before you jump to conclusions, although it is a wonderful cause, I am not raising money for world hunger...but someone else did.
Uncle Archie, 1930s.
[Source: Personal Collection]

My Great Great Uncle Archie Mackay was born in Bowraville, New South Wales on March 28th, 1901 to Alexander Mackay and Elizabeth Gill. He was their only son and grew up with four sisters - Alice, Eva, Lottie and Lizzie. His mother Elizabeth sadly passed away giving birth to Lizzie. Archie was four years old at the time.

On March 20th, 1929, he married Sylvia Grace Kelsey.

Let's pause for a moment, because while Great Great Uncle Archie is, well, exactly that, Sylvia is my 1st Cousin 2x Removed. Yep.

No, Archie and Sylvia are not related. But they are both related to me!

Archie's sister Eva was my Great Grandmother. She married James Albert Dyer. One of James' sisters was Sarah Matilda Dyer - my Great Great Aunt. Sarah married James Kelsey. Have you figured out what comes next? Bingo! Sarah and James Kelsey are Sylvia's parents.

Basically, Archie was my Nanna's Uncle on her mother Eva's side, while Sylvia was her first cousin on her father James' side. So her cousin became her Aunt. My Nanna was actually one of Sylvia's bridesmaids too.

You gotta love small towns. Everyone in Bowraville is connected somehow.

Anyway, back to the original story.

Archie and Sylvia celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary in 1989. Sadly, Sylvia passed away two months short of their 61st Anniversary, in January of 1990. Fast forward to March 28th, 1991. Uncle Archie's 90th Birthday! What did Uncle Archie want for his birthday? I'll let you read the article below. Please note - this is not the whole article. I am not publishing the full version as there are living people mentioned.

Published in the Nambucca Guardian News, June 5th, 1991
[Source: Cousin]
A marvellous gesture indeed! My Nanna often spoke fondly of Uncle Archie, and now I am starting to understand why. Uncle Archie passed away on August 11, 1993, and is buried in Bowraville Cemetery.

Uncle Archie cutting the cake at his 90th
Birthday Party!
Nambucca Guardian News, June 5th, 1991
[Source: Cousin]


  1. It's a bit like many small towns, cousins on every street corner... I only found out who some of my relations were, once I had left the town for many years. When I did and asked Dad about them, he dismissed them all, saying "They were your Mum's relations, nothing to do with you!"
    I shouldn't have expected anything less, as it was only about 10 years ago that I discovered that some of the friends of my grandmother were actually related...they have all passed now and I never had the chance to say "Hi great aunt, great uncle, etc. "
    I'm glad you have more knowledge of your extended family than I did at your age.
    A lovely lot of discoveries, Caitlin.

  2. What a wonderful thing to have must feel proud. Such great discoveries thanks to your cousin's kindness.

  3. A feel good story, Caitlin.Thanks for sharing.