Monday, 7 May 2018

mtDNA - Aunt Elizabeth's Female Line

I've been in Sydney this weekend visiting my Aunt Elizabeth. This morning I asked her if she would spit in a tube for me, and she kindly agreed. Her DNA is ready to send back to Ancestry. Yay! I am really keen to see what her DNA tells me, particularly in regards to her mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA). As she is my Aunt (my Dad's sister), and not my mother, she will have different mtDNA to me. mtDNA is passed down from mother to child (men receive it but cannot pass it on). mtDNA enables you to trace your direct maternal line, ie. your mother's mother's mother's mother's mother's mother and so forth.

My mtDNA line is my mother, her mum Nancy (my Grandma), Nancy's mum Pauline etc. Aunt Elizabeth will have my Nanna's mtDNA from her female line. It occurred to me a few minutes ago that I am actually at a brick wall here, so I thought I would introduce you all to my Aunt Elizabeth's female ancestral line.

My Nanna, Eunice Hazel Dyer, 2011.
[Source: Personal]
1. Aunt Elizabeth

2. Eunice Hazel Dyer 

My Nanna.

B: 3 May 1916, Bowraville, New South Wales (NSW), Australia
D: 4 June 2012, Sydney, NSW Australia

3. Eva Florence Mackay (Great Grandmother) 

B: 25 Jul 1888, Bowraville, NSW, Australia
D: 14 May 1976, Bowraville, NSW, Australia
2x Great Grandmother
Elizabeth Lucilla Gill
[Source: Personal]

Great Grandmother
Eva Florence Mackay, 1913
[Source: Personal]

4. Elizabeth Lucilla Gill (2x Great Grandmother)

B: 1867, Kempsey, NSW, Australia
D: 20 Sep 1905, Bowraville, NSW, Australia

5. Alice J Wright (3x Great Grandmother)

B: 1845, Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia
D: 17 Dec 1926, Box Hill, Victoria, Australia

3x Great Grandmother, Alice J Wright
[Source: Personal]

6. Elizabeth Graham (4x Great Grandmother) 

B: approx. 1815, England
D: 24 Dec 1895, Kempsey, NSW, Australia

Elizabeth Graham was a convict and sent to Australia in 1833 for stealing spoons when she was 18.

Who were her parents? Where in England was her family from?

I'm hoping my Aunt Elizabeth's mtDNA will give me some clues.

Have you had any success with mtDNA? Share your stories below!


  1. Hi, i got my mum tested on familytreedna as they are the only company that do the mtdna test. Ancestry used to do y dna test and possibly mtdna but ancestry only does the autosomal test which is for both maternal and paternal sides. The ancestry test should still help you find connections on your maternal lines

    1. Hi John.
      Sorry, I should have specified in my blog. I'm testing her with Ancestry, and then plan to transfer her results over to FamilyTreeDNA :)

  2. I have included your blog in INTERESTING BLOGS in FRIDAY FOSSICKING at
    Thank you, Chris