Friday, 5 October 2018

Aunt Elizabeth's DNA

My last blog post was back in May? Time flies when you work full time.

I received Aunt Elizabeth's DNA results back in July and have been having a fun time analysing them.

Her DNA results are:

DNA Results as at 5 Oct 2018 for my Aunt Elizabeth []

This is similar to what I was expecting, although the Norway surprised me.

My DNA ethnicity estimate is:

DNA Results as at 5 Oct 2018 for myself. []

Interesting how we both have 5% for Sweden, however she has more Ireland and Scotland than me, and I have more England, Wales & Northwestern Europe. 

We have a decent number of shared matches -

1 First Cousin, 4 Second Cousins, 12 Third Cousins, and a number of 4th Cousins.
I have been going through the shared matches and labelling what part of the family they come from.

In regards to her own DNA matches, I have found a couple of matches on my grandfather's paternal grandmother's side that I did not have.

I'm still working my way through it all. More exciting times ahead.

In other news, my Mum has asked if she could do a DNA test. SHE ASKED. I didn't have to ask her. 
I'll be getting that sorted soon. 

As I said, exciting times ahead.

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